Friday, February 11, 2011

Turning life's lemons into...something substantial (not juice because juice isn't, I should know I'm on a flippin' juice diet and I'M HUNGRY)

Ok, last night's post was depressing.

However, it was true and more than a few people have commented back to tell me they feel the same way!

Wow! The reaction I was praying I didn't get was "oh hun, you're beautiful, don't feel bad!". I never expected the response that I did get, which was echoing back my feelings!

So, since so many other people feel the same way as me, let's do something about it! It's so easy to sit and wallow in the depths of despair (my parents will affirm my professional status on wallowing) but it's pretty hard to slap yourself out of it and get to work!

I can tell you that I've been there, I've been there for 2 years now! I started WW two years ago and I'm never going to stop trying to mold my body to it's personal best. You shouldn't either, there's always room for improvement!

Yoga Jon (that's what I call my yoga instructor, he's amazing BTW) said in class yesterday, "Isn't it wonderful to see how far you are from being perfect? It means you'll never run out of things to work on!". He was talking about an exceptionally difficult pose, but it really struck a chord within me. Instead of looking at all the work I have to do, I need to enjoy it. What's the joy in being perfect? Then I have nothing to strive for!

Tell yourself you're going to do better today, and then DO BETTER.

Whenever I have a craving for something unhealthy or a desire to sit out my exercise routine I ask myself, "Will I be happy in the morning?", the answer is always no and most of the time that's enough to get my mind back in game.

One day is so short, but 7 make a week and 3 weeks is almost a full month! Do you want to look back 3 short weeks from now and be unhappy with your choices?

I may not have the answers for perfect mental clarity about my body image issues, but I can keep myself healthy and continue to strive for perfection. At least I'll always have something to keep me busy, since perfect me is so far off :^)

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  1. Good point Chelsa. I'm finally starting to get into that mode. It's amazing that it's taken me years to realize that I need to do better to feel better. Like doing my exercise instead of skipping it. I'll hate it today but I'll love that I did it tomorrow. :) Plus in all honesty, I've come so far. Like you said in your last post, I'm so different (at least in some areas) now then I was in say high school. That's a lot achieved! You've done the same!