Monday, June 22, 2009

I love:

  • taking a huge, deep/filling my lungs 'till they want to burst, breath in and then letting it whoosh out.

  • waking up to a bright room full of sunlight.

  • waking up with my husband next to me.

  • waking up while my kids are still asleep :^)

  • tan lines.

  • taking naps in the sunshine. I don't care where that sunshine is, I will sleep in it. On the beach, at the park, pretty much anywhere with some warm rays to wrap me in.

  • swimming on 110 degree days.

  • trying new vegetables.

  • trying new cuisine.

  • when I hit that *perfect* note where it sounds like my voice wraps all around me, in and out my ears, and floods my throat.

  • wireless internet!

  • traveling

  • new clothes that I have to buy regulary because I'm losing weight :^)

  • typing with my eyes closed (mentioned in PP).

  • quilts on cold days.

  • visiting the snow.
  • old movies.

  • clean bathrooms.

  • the feeling of belonging.

  • being home.

  • long drives through the country with the window down and my hand wind surfing while my hair blows itself messy.

  • the look on my husband's face when he meets our child for the first time (got to see that 3 times, I'm so lucky).


  1. What a happy post! Lovely. :)

  2. loved this :) how come no new posts lately? I miss reading them :(

  3. I've been so busy! I keep sitting down to write, and then I get distracted. I have tried to stay up late a few nights, but end up falling asleep before I can write anything worthwhile ;^)

    I'm enjoying your blog though! Have a great week!