Monday, June 29, 2009

Comfort clothes.

There's a slight difference between comfortable clothing and comfort clothes. Comfortable clothes, you can wear in public. You're not embarrassed to go get the mail in them. You don't put a pillow over your lap when someone tries to take a picture. Allow me to endulge my point.

Exhibit A:

Ok. She's obviously comfortable, but she's also quite stylish! I wouldn't mind wearing this outfit out for a day of shopping, or even to a playdate. Love the shoes, BTW.

Exhibit B:

Let me introduce you all to my snowglobe shorts. Notice the frayed hem, yes, they were not always shorts. These have seen me through 3 babies and 5 Christmas's. I'm sad to say, that my shrinking waist line is going to make them (very soon) impossible to wear. My husband was pretty excited when I showed him how baggy they're getting (he hates these shorts) but I assured him that I would just pin them when the time comes ;^)

You see, very much like food, the right pair of shorts, or that perfectly worn sweatshirt, can make you feel good when everything is tumbling around. It's like a security blanket, I put these shorts on, and I feel pretty, and relaxed. Please don't ask me why I feel pretty in these horrible things, but I do. They remind me of good memories and (secretly) I like to look at all the different snowglobes.

That's all for tonight. I'm going to go turn in and enjoy my slumber in the best shorts ever. May they bring me good dreams...

and warm buns.

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