Monday, March 7, 2011

Faulty bus drivers imitate the collapse of democracy.

Ok, the title may sound a little lot far fetched but hear me out.

My daughter takes the bus. The stop is literally right around the corner from our driveway. However, since the stop is also directly across the street from some evil pit bulls that would like to eat children for early morning breakfast, I drive her and sit in the car to wait for the bus.

Taylor's bus is SUPPOSED to arrive at 7:12. Instead of arriving at (or around) 7:12, it gets there anywhere from 7:06 to 7:15. Normally that would be fine.

When I rode the bus it got there early too. The bus driver used to get there 5 minutes early (in the middle of WY winter -15 degrees with 70 mph blowing snow) and sit there smoking with the doors closed. She wouldn't let us on until the exact time she was scheduled to arrive, I think she derived some sort of sick pleasure watching us freeze. She probably recorded us hopping from one foot to the other, so as not to lose circulation in the biting winds, and watched it with the other crazed drivers on their lunch breaks. Anyway, I digress.

So, Taylor's driver pulls up 6 minutes early BUT then LEAVES the stop if children aren't there. I figured this out the hard way and all year have been getting to the stop 8 minutes early and sitting in the car.

Today, Taylor and I got to the stop at 7:05 and waited. 3 minutes later a little boy got dropped off by his mother. Then we continued to wait. After waiting some more, we waited a few more minutes.

At 7:17 I called the bus garage.

(Me) "Hello, Bus Garage? Yes, when is the bus supposed to get here?"

(Bus Garage ((or B.G. for short))) "Let me check."

*lots of static and I can barely make out him talking to the driver*

(B.G.) "Did you hear that? She said she was there at 7:15."

*I take a deep breath and try to compose myself, while also realizing this means the bus got there more than 7 minutes early*


(B.G.) "So, would you like me to send another bus?".

(Me) "Yes, thank you. Sorry for yelling."

(B.G.) "No problem, thanks for calling."

After the other bus pulled up to get the kids I drove home and called my friend. I actually called my husband to freak out all over him first (he handles me/talks me away from the edge best) but he must have sensed my rage and didn't pick up (wise man).

So, now that I wasn't heated and in the moment, I debriefed my friend. It all came out, and some legitimate points too!

It comes down to this. It's not just annoying that the bus driver arrives early, it's dangerous and irresponsible. For the working parents who drop their kids off, those children have nowhere to go if the bus doesn't show. There are predators all around us, when the bus driver doesn't come she is leaving our kids in the hands of every passerby. If these children get abducted while walking home (from the stop their parents think they got picked up from) we wouldn't know for at least 8 hours.

I should make a stink, right? I should take this one step beyond calling the B.G. like a lunatic, right?

No, and this is when my title (might) start to make sense. No, because the B.G. doesn't care. Just like anyone else in charge doesn't care. I will call or walk in and make a good argument, while holding back my attack instinct, and the B.G. or congressman will listen and nod his head. They will tell me they agree and can't believe the frustration and stress I'm living with. I will turn and walk out (feeling really good about the prepared statement I just made sound totally off the cuff) and the man in charge will roll their eyes and go about their day.

Call me calloused, call me anti-whatever but at least admit I'm right.

Every single job I have ever worked at does the exact same thing. They make the customer think they're right, they listen to their complaint and tell them they will fix the problem. Then they throw it in the trash. Unless you're poisoning the food, you're not going to get fired from most fast food restaurants.

After rambling on for far too many characters I will surmise.

The biggest man/woman will win the election. It's not who has the best policy, it's who has the most money and the most influence. The boss will (almost) never take you seriously, and the B.G. is not going to deal with this driver.

The best thing I can do is show up 10 minutes early and say thank-you-sir-may-I-have-some-more, because people having a voice (or a vote) is a joke.


  1. The election thing is not necessarily true. Ol' What's Her Face spent more money on the last election in the history of democracy and lost to the old man Jerry Brown who spent like 1% of what she did.

    At least something works... well, until they actually get in office, then it blows.

  2. Yeah, but she spent it on clothes, not paying people off.

    Stupid women and their priorities.

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